"Providing Solutions Today for Tomorrow's Power"

Extreme Power Solutions Inc. is an alternative energy company built on customer service. We provide solar electric systems, solar panels, batteries, inverters, charge controllers, wind generators, solar hot water systems, solar water pumping systems, and solar heating.

We strive to have the lowest prices on solar and wind energy components including BP Solar, Kyocera, GE, Outback, Conergy, Xantrex (Trace), Southwest Windpower, and Cansolair Solar Panels.

We can help you design your solar, wind or hybrid energy system for an off-the-grid home, cabin, RV, or marine application. We have over thirty years experience in the electrical field.

How Does Solar Energy Work? How do Solar Panels Work? What is Wind Power? How to Build a Wind Turbine

Our goal is to make solar and wind energy affordable to everyone!
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